What we believe?

 “Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are so many notes or colours, there are so many flavours- it’s how you combine them that sets you apart”

Private Catering

Whether it’s in your home, workplace, yacht or plane we will arrange a consultancy meeting with you 4 weeks before your dinner party in order to assertain what requirements you need, i.e Budget, dietary requirements, number of guests etc and to give us enough time to source the ingredients.We then come to the location of your choosing and bring the air of opulence and fine dining.

I will cater for everything so you don’t need to, from all the staff, service equipment and the cleaning we take care of it all, your only job is to help your guests soak up the atmosphere and to enjoy some amazing, out of this world food and drink.

Catering Consultant

Whether you are a small family cafe or a restaurant with numerous covers I will arrange a time and date suitable to your requirements and come to your premises for a 3 day impartial study.This study will take in to account your staffing needs,requirements and training. I will also look at the linear flow of your establishment in order to make the most of your floor space. I can also look at the Health and Safety policy of your establishment and also the food hygine rating and suggest any possible improvements that could be made if any.
I will also sit down with your staff to find out about local possible trends in food that they have noticed, this will enable us to work out any possible adjustments to the menu that are needed and all this combined will result in happier staff, quicker service, less wastage and a rise in gross profit.

Chef Agency

We recruit our relief chefs with a proven background, we use these chefs because they are reliable, hard working and very conscientious.
They will always give 100% and can be relied upon to complete any task given to them in the quickest possible time with the best possible outcome, time after time.

Our Suppliers